Getting Experience

Getting an entry level position in public relations usually requires portfolios documenting the experience students have had.  Putting one together and deciding what to use are difficult for a student whose experience is limited entirely to the classroom.  PRSSA provides some opportunities that allow students to build their portfolios.  These include working at student-run firms, submitting articles to FORUM and […]

National Conference

The 2008 National Conference in Detroit has been incredible.  Ofield Dukes gave a compelling keynote address that put into perspective many of the situations members find themselves in and gave practical advice for personal success.  His personal experiences were inspiring.  The conference also divided into sessions and listened to other leaders in public relations. We have all had great learning […]

A Changing Profession

Public Relations is a dynamic field with increasingly varied opportunities and roles.  From the days when one “in-house journalist” would write stories on behalf of a corporation, the field has rapidly grown and now whole departments and firms are devoted to specific activities like crisis management and investor relations.  This growth certainly has been as unpredictable as recent technological advances […]

Industry behavior in a recession

Public Relations is a fascinating and unique industry. As economic times turn tough, the industry responds differently than many others. When profits decline in some organizations, public relations is the first thing to go, but the industry trend seems to be just the opposite. As a whole, the industry has been resilient throughout economic tough times. Adapting to circumstances seems […]