A Trusted Communicator

We live in a world where changing values and perspectives influence the decisions people make.  In this time of uncertainty, a trusted communicator can be invaluable; however, finding and identifying one is a difficult task.  What role can professional organizations like PRSA play in endorsing trusted individuals?

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      As Tyler said, finding and identifying a trusted communicator is tricky. After being called spin doctors for decades and many scandals involving PR agencies, professional organizations like PRSA are helping keep practitioners ethical and honest. For example, PRSA has a Code of Ethics in which every member is supposed to follow. By agreeing to these terms and following the Code of Ethics, practitioners feel they have to uphold their promise to not only PRSA but to themselves, their clients, other professionals and their audiences. If PR professionals adhere to these guidelines set by PRSA and other professional organizations, they will be viewed as a trusted communicator.

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      In Lansing, a PR agency representing an apartment development project was recognized by local media for misconduct. One of the agency employees attended a city hall meeting and only identified herself as a “downtown Lansing resident.” This was a clear violation of the disclosure section of the PRSA Code of Ethics.

      Even though this was an unfortunate happening in the Lansing PR circle, the PRSA Code of Ethics was brought up multiple times in the article. The point is that the public is now holding PR practitioners accountable to this code. I’m excited to see PRSA continue to identify ethical leaders for the organization and improve the overall image of the organization.

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