<strong>Promoting Ethical Tourism</strong>

Promoting Ethical Tourism

It’s time to hang up the fanny pack, lose the socks with sandals, and reframe the way we think about tourism. The pandemic revealed the tourism industry’s complicated influence on economic and environmental affairs. Globally, greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution dropped, and many popular destinations saw the restoration of ecological systems; however, we are still studying the economic impact […]

The Power of a Campaign: Staten Islanders Against Drug Abuse

The Power of a Campaign: Staten Islanders Against Drug Abuse

A few summers ago, I volunteered at my local district attorney’s office. While there they assigned me to a new campaign called “Staten Islanders Against Drug Abuse.” For some background, my hometown of Staten Island, New York was dealing with a growing drug-use epidemic. The staff of the district attorney’s office knew that something had to change. The community was […]

Communicating the Truth

Communicating the Truth

Humans have always had the ability to engage in lies, rumors, deception or some other distortion of the truth. And, communicators have historically wrestled with the challenges caused by false or misleading information impacting the clients, organizations and communities that they serve.  These are not new concepts.  What is new and causing greater concern and challenge is the speed and […]

Please, Don’t Tell Me “Happy Women’s Day”

Please, Don’t Tell Me “Happy Women’s Day”

Editor’s note: The following article contains graphic content. This is what we’ve heard hundreds of times on March 8 in Argentina. Women are asking not to get told, “Happy Women’s Day,” nor to receive flowers. Instead, they say, “We will be happy the day that no one is missing.” To understand the reason for this statement (that I know for […]

Cancel Culture Hits Disney’s Mulan- An Explanation

Canceled. One of the most feared words in 2020. Public relations professionals know this two-syllable word can send disastrous shockwaves that can damage even the most beloved brands. Since its debut on Sept. 4, Disney’s live-action Mulan has just earned $43.8 million, nowhere near its production cost of $200 million. The Mickey Mouse powerhouse has seen massive success with live-action remakes such […]

How The PRSA Code of Ethics Guides 6th Street Public Relations

Getting to be one of the only two PRSSA Nationally Affiliated and award-winning Student-run Firms in California does not happen overnight. At 6th Street Public Relations, we adhere to standards of PRSSA. Ethics Month is important for us because it is a reminder of our ethical responsibilities as an agency and public relations professionals. Throughout my time in the agency […]

#MeToo in the Gaming Industry

Recently, a wave of allegations surrounding abuse targeted towards women has hit the gaming industry, affecting everyone from Twitch streamers to YouTube stars and top executives at some of the world’s most highly-acclaimed publishers. For an industry that has traditionally been male-dominated, this is a huge wake-up call that some may consider long overdue. As Megan Farokhmanesh of The Verge […]

Entering a New Era of Uncertainty and Learning

As I witness the unfolding scenes of unrest and violence in the United States, my heart breaks. The murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and too many more innocent Black lives, are a symptom of deeply institutionalized racism that exists ubiquitously. As each death transpires, we find spirit and action in the digital world — and then there’s […]