Incoming National Committee

This is contributed by Ryan Casey McShane, PRSSA 2007-08 FORUM Editor-in-Chief As a former National Committee member, who found the PRSSA Blog as a useful resource, I decided to start a blog of my own from the perspective of a young professional in the public relations industry. Members are more than welcome to visit, as well as share their […]

Success on the Job

We often speak of getting jobs but we rarely discuss what an entry-level employee can do to improve.  I have asked many professionals and have received many different answers; however a few comments appear regularly: 1.  Work hard – be willing to stay late and put work above personal whims. 2.  Be a team player – learn from leaders, work […]

Mentors in Public Relations

This post was submitted by Rachel M. Esterline of Central Michigan University. Mentors can be key to confidence and success.  They also can serve as a resource for fresh ideas and advice. There are a variety of areas a mentor can help a public relations student, including: * Resume and cover letter suggestions * Internships and jobs * Networking * […]

Ethical Decisions

Life is filled with ethical choices.  Cheating on exams, lying to coworkers and misrepresenting ourselves to potential employers are all examples of unethical choices.  Public Relations is filled with decisions that have ethical considerations.  How do you handle ethical concerns?  How do you determine what is ethical and what is not?

Working in a Dynamic Field

News readers are bombarded with poor economic news on a daily basis.  The gloom and doom coming out of newsrooms is likely being augmented by the fact that the news industry is among those that are struggling.  As the news industry struggles to redefine itself, public relations practitioners are left with a changing industry.  How should successful practitioners adapt to […]

Responding to Attack Journalism

The following was submitted by Dr. Steve Iseman, APR, Fellow PRSA, who currently serves as the faculty advisor for the National Committee. Jack O’Dwyer has been a long time critic of PRSA and I congratulate him for it.  I think that critics are important.  They cause organizations to think about what they do and examine policies and procedures carefully.  But […]

Successful Networking

Networking is critical for a successful communicator.  A great network of contacts can help a practitioner land a new job or learn new skills.  While the word “networking” frequently appears discussions about public relations, how to network is a mystery to many.  What is effective networking?  How can students learn to successfully network?