Welcome to the Wide World of Public Relations

What is a public relations professional? Are they communications specialists, practitioners, press secretaries, public affairs specialists, journalists, media specialists or publicists?

The answer is yes – all of the above! These are all titles that can be synonymous with public relations. The diversity within the public relations industry is immense. From social media to event planning, to personal representation to media relations, you will be involved in the wide world of public relations.

As you gain professional experience, and the skills you learn and use shift, these roles make up the pieces of the diverse puzzle that represent you. The wide world of public relations invites you with open arms to a wide field of options. In public relations, there is a title for every professional interest.

These diverse experiences allow for a multitude of responsibilities, including:

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• Employee relations
• Analytics and research
• Media relations
• Public affairs
• Political campaigns
• Event planning
• Non-profit communications
• Reputation management
• Media correspondent
— Social media
— Print media
— Electronic media
• Crisis management
• Graphic design
• Web design

You can see descriptions of the various roles in public relations on the PRSSA Internship Center. These roles show the plethora of opportunities that await someone moving into the field. If you aren’t sure what you want to do within this huge house of public relations, start opening doors and checking the rooms out. You may like a specific room more than another, and you will find a room that fits your style.

What roles best fit your personality? How have you searched for jobs or internships relating to those roles?

This is a guest post from the Vice President of Advocacy, JR Rochester.

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