How to Succeed by Creating an Annual Plan

Ready to learn the proper way to create an annual plan to guide your Chapter to success? These steps and examples will help you develop a plan for the year. For those who have taken a public relations campaigns class, this may look familiar. For those who have not, or for those who need a refresher, here is a simple step-by-step process for you and your Chapter to follow.

1. Set the Goal

You should choose two to three concise main goals to improve central issues within your Chapter. Goals may include measurable steps.

For example: Increase recruitment.

2.  Develop Strategies and Objectives

After you set a goal, you will need to develop strategies that help accomplish it. This is a planning phase for your members and your Chapter leaders. You’ll also need objectives – measurable steps that support your strategies.

For example: Inform students outside the communications major of the benefits PRSSA can provide. Participate in at least one student activities fair on campus and encourage at least 20 people to attend upcoming Chapter event.

3.  Plan Tactics

Once you have developed strategies and objectives, you will then need to do the “leg work” to put your plan into action. Include all details that need to be executed to accomplish your strategies.

For example: Develop a five-minute presentation highlighting PRSSA benefits. Confirm booth at student activities fair.

4.  Calendar

Develop a calendar for the year. Plan the dates for any events and meetings for the entire year and determine the best time to execute each event and all logistics.

5. Execute and Evaluate Your Plan

Follow your calendar during the semester to stay on track and execute all initiatives. Evaluate each part of the plan to determine its value to the organization as a whole and to decide the plan’s elements that should be repeated next year.

While these examples are brief, an in-depth plan should include several goals with strategies, objectives and tactics for each goal with a calendar incorporating every step along the way. Using this structure will guide you to success throughout the year.

How does your Chapter plan for a semester? What strategies and tactics have you executed to reach your goals as a Chapter?

This is a guest post from National President Adam Aisner.

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