Boston: America’s Walking City

Known as America’s Walking City, Boston will be home to the largest gathering of public relations students at the PRSSA 2017 National Conference spanning from Oct. 6 through Oct. 10. Lucky for attendees, the venue for the Conference, the Boston Park Plaza, is located in the center of the city, so some the city’s most popular attractions are within walking […]

How Chapter Fundraising Can Take You All the Way to Boston

Whether it be a budget-slashing session for your Chapter, petitioning more funds from your school’s student government association or pleading with your PRSA sponsor Chapter, we all need to raise funds for our Chapter. How else will you subsidize the costs of those snazzy new Chapter sweatshirts or attend the next National Conference in Boston? Let’s be honest: PRSSA national […]

Alabama, Boston, North Carolina—January and February Regional Conference Preview

Regional Conferences are kicking off this month, with schools from all over the country ready to host conferences for everyone to enjoy. The University of Alabama is first on the list, hoping to help all attendees fine-tune their public relations skills. Boston University and the combined forces of Elon University and University of North Carolina will keep the ball rolling […]