Alabama, Boston, North Carolina—January and February Regional Conference Preview

Regional Conferences are kicking off this month, with schools from all over the country ready to host conferences for everyone to enjoy. The University of Alabama is first on the list, hoping to help all attendees fine-tune their public relations skills. Boston University and the combined forces of Elon University and University of North Carolina will keep the ball rolling into February with sessions focused on how to engage with audiences and how to include diverse cultures into our work. Be sure to check out these conferences and the conferences in March and April.

Design by Savanna Hennig.
Design by Savanna Hennig. Click through to read the preview featured in the winter 2016 issue of FORUM.


Courtesy of the University of Alabama.
Courtesy of the University of Alabama. Click through to visit the conference website.

Innovating Tradition: Diving Deeper Into PR

University of Alabama — Jan. 28–30

As a student in today’s public relations field, we’re constantly perfecting how to write job worthy resumes and news releases, while sharpening every other writing and communication skill we can. But when are we going to learn more about how to personally brand ourselves and what it’s like to work internationally? Who will be the one to break down the truths of working in public relations and how one can use it to enter into entrepreneurship? These questions will be answered in the University of Alabama’s three-day Regional Conference, in the title town of Tuscaloosa. During the conference, attendees will hear from some of the industry’s most knowledgeable leaders—from companies such as Scripps Network, ESPN, Edelman, McDonald’s and Southwest Airlines—on topics that will take us beyond the classroom and teach us how to be more successful practitioners. Session topics range from discussing international public relations and personal branding to maintaining corporate brands and breaking out into entrepreneurship. In the evening, guests will enjoy a formal dinner and a networking event capped with free time to explore the best of Tuscaloosa. As Betsy Plank would say, “public relations people must be eternal students.” So prepare your business cards, pull out your fancy notebook and join us as we dive deeper into public relations.


Courtesy of Boston University.
Courtesy of Boston University. Click through to visit the conference website.

PR Advanced: Tune In!

Boston University — Feb. 19–20

PRAdvanced: Tune In! is a conference that will focus on the newest solutions to breaking through social clutter as a way to find, listen and engage with audiences of various generations. To match our conference theme, our goal was to make this two-day conference relatable and engaging for our rising young professional audience. As a young female professional from Viacom, our keynote speaker, Sarah Unger, will offer insight and advice on the industry and millennials that is sure to resonate with all attendees. We also have three influencers with experience on platforms like Youtube, Twitter and blogs lined up to participate on a panel moderated by an influencer expert from Panera Bread. This panel of young influencers can be great inspiration to those wondering how to create engaging content at this stage in their lives. Our unique competition, the PRlympics, comes toward the conclusion of the day, giving attendees a chance to put their public relations knowledge to the test. Making their way through fifteen stations with various public relations questions and tasks to complete, participants can meet new people and apply what they’ve learned in a fast-paced team environment. With all that we have in store, any member looking to learn from top industry trend leaders and network with professionals and peers from around the country should definitely “tune in” to BU PRSSA’s Regional Conference.

Courtesy of Elon
Courtesy of Elon University and University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Click through to visit the conference website.

Diversity in PR: Embracing Culture and Change

Elon University and University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill — Feb.19–20

As audiences and the industry become more diverse, it’s important that we as aspiring professionals stay up to date with current trends. Attendees of the Diversity in PR: Embracing Culture and Change Regional Conference will have an opportunity to be a part of this larger discussion. On Friday night, attendees will be able to mingle and network at one of Chapel Hill’s famous restaurant bars, Top of the Hill. Top of the Hill is known for their local brew, food, and spectacular view of downtown Chapel Hill. On Saturday, participants will attend speaker sessions, a case study competition and a networking session, where they’ll be able to meet speakers. Some of our speakers include Josh Young (Capstrat), Stephanie Llorente (Prep Communications) and Kelly Williamson (APCO) among many others. Sessions will cover topics such as women in the workforce, the LGBT community and transitioning from agency to corporate to self-owned. We hope you join us as we begin to explore the changes professionals see now and the predictions they see for the future.

PRSSA Vice President of Regional Conferences Jenn Shafer is a student at The Ohio State University. Follow her on Twitter @_jennshafer or on LinkedIn.

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