Resources for Student-run Firms

It’s no secret that student-run public relations firms around the country are growing and thriving. There are more than 100 student-run firms around the country and 15 of these are Nationally Affiliated. I wrote a guest post for Culpwrit giving advice for student-run firms, but wanted to expand the advice and point out additional resources.

PRSSA offers several resources to help develop your firm:

  • Student-run Firm Handbook. Published annually, this handbook is designed to help firms of all sizes and levels of establishment. There is advice for new firms seeking to create a structure, case studies for more developed firms, and tips for everything in between. Be sure to check it out for additional advice and another perspective.
  • PRSA and the Champions for PRSSA. Have you connected with a PRSA professional lately? Is there a Champion in your area willing to help guide your firm? Having a seasoned professional’s perspective on your work and client management can ensure you are providing the best service possible. Work with your professional or academic Advisors to build relationships with these professionals.
  • National Affiliation guidelines. These guidelines serve as goals for your firm to strive to achieve long term. By becoming Nationally Affiliated (which costs no money), your firm demonstrates it is among the best besting the nation. It’s a great pitch to new clients and the process will strengthen your firm.
  • Firm directors e-mail list. This listserv is a great way to reach out to student-run firm leaders for a new perspective and collaboration opportunities. Sign up for the list and reach out to the community if you have questions or would like help.
  • Your National Committee and other leaders. Several National Committee members have helped launch, worked for or managed student-run firms. If you’re looking for an extra perspective, e-mail me and I can connect you with other students who can relate to your situation.

In addition to these PRSSA resources, what resources would you recommend to other student-run firms? Any books, blogs or conferences firm leaders should be paying attention to?

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