Career Advice from “The Crown”

Career Advice from “The Crown”

What do Elizabeth Holmes, Tommy Lee, Pamela Anderson, and King Charles all have in common? If you keep up with today’s television scene, you may know that these celebrities have all recently become central characters in television series dramatizing the events and scandals of their lives. The Crown, a television drama recounting the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II, […]

<strong>Reaching For the Stars: A Look into PR Relationships with Celebrities </strong>

Reaching For the Stars: A Look into PR Relationships with Celebrities 

Hosted by “Celebrity Whisperer” Rita Tateel, the PRSSA 2022 ICON session “Reaching For the Stars” focused on how public relations professionals maintain healthy relationships with high profile celebrities. This session broke down the key factors necessary to properly market celebrities and build clients’ trust.  Tateel serves as the founder and president of The Celebrity Source, an organization that has been […]

<strong>Tips for Running a Thriving Student-Run Firm</strong>

Tips for Running a Thriving Student-Run Firm

The benefits of getting involved in a Student-run Firm are plentiful. From networking opportunities to bulking up your portfolio and gaining leadership experience, joining a firm that focuses on professional development will better prepare future PR practitioners.   Founded in 2008, PRowl Public Relations is Temple University’s Student-run Firm. Here are some ways we, as PRowl PR’s Directors of Public Relations, […]

<strong>7 Sports Lessons to Apply to Your Public Relations Career</strong>

7 Sports Lessons to Apply to Your Public Relations Career

Sports and a career in public relations may have more in common than you might initially think. Being an athlete provides many valuable lessons in life: focus, discipline, risk, and reward. I’ve found that many of these sports lessons can also be applied to a public relations career Practice is the key to success. Have you ever heard the saying […]

<strong>Connecting to Gen Z Voters</strong>

Connecting to Gen Z Voters

At a July 2016 campaign rally in Virginia, Democratic nominee for president Hillary Clinton told her audience to “Pokémon Go to the polls!”  Her reference was to the app Pokémon Go, a multiplayer game that went viral among young people earlier that year for its social aspects and interactive gameplay.  The presidential candidate was seemingly baffled by the lack of […]