Guest Post- Creating Your Vision

This post was submitted by Nicole Edmonson, Chapter President at Middle Tennessee State.

It is no secret that our world is changing and the media is doing a thorough job of creating fear and doubt in the minds of so many Americans. I am sure you have heard a professor or a professional explain how bleak the job market is, and how they would not want to be in our shoes just entering the work force. That pattern of thought is not benefiting the mindset of students in any way. This is where the power of our own thoughts comes into play. It all begins and ends with our willingness to hold to the desire of our inner vision despite what we see, or are told to see, around us now.

I would like to present you with a constructive challenge: Take a step back for a day and monitor your thoughts and reactions to every interaction you are faced with. Keep a journal and critique yourself. This is meant to be a positive experience in observation. Imagine you are in search a public relations specialist? Would you hire yourself? In addition, what is your vision?

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