Being Prepared for a Phone Interview

This post comes from Jena Johnson, National Vice President of Regional Activities:

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending the Regional Activity
in Chicago. While there, I went to a session about how to excel in
your interview. Most of us have heard the basics: research the
company, have a strong handshake, be ready for questions like “tell me
about yourself.” When the speaker moved on to tips for phone
interviews, my ears perked up and my pen scribbled furiously. The
truth is, many of us will be interviewing for jobs not so close to
home, which will require that scary phone interview. Here are some of
the tips that were shared:

* Keep your resume in clear view. Your interviewers will be asking
questions about your resume, and you have the ability to reference it
while you discuss your experience.
* Keep a pen and paper ready. It’s always a good thing to have,
you may think of questions to ask later or just want to make notes
about something interesting that was said.
* Keep a glass of water ready. Just in case you get that throat tickle!

What other tips do you have for phone interviews?

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