<strong>Tips for Running a Thriving Student-Run Firm</strong>

Tips for Running a Thriving Student-Run Firm

The benefits of getting involved in a Student-run Firm are plentiful. From networking opportunities to bulking up your portfolio and gaining leadership experience, joining a firm that focuses on professional development will better prepare future PR practitioners.   Founded in 2008, PRowl Public Relations is Temple University’s Student-run Firm. Here are some ways we, as PRowl PR’s Directors of Public Relations, […]

<strong>7 Sports Lessons to Apply to Your Public Relations Career</strong>

7 Sports Lessons to Apply to Your Public Relations Career

Sports and a career in public relations may have more in common than you might initially think. Being an athlete provides many valuable lessons in life: focus, discipline, risk, and reward. I’ve found that many of these sports lessons can also be applied to a public relations career Practice is the key to success. Have you ever heard the saying […]

<strong>The Future of Public Relations Must Be Inclusive </strong>

The Future of Public Relations Must Be Inclusive 

As public relations professionals, it’s our job to understand our audiences well. This means understanding consumers on a personal level; but how could you possibly understand an individual who comes from a completely different walk of life?  While the answer to this question isn’t always easy, our generation can commit to improving the PR industry by seeking and supporting more […]

<strong>Connecting to Gen Z Voters</strong>

Connecting to Gen Z Voters

At a July 2016 campaign rally in Virginia, Democratic nominee for president Hillary Clinton told her audience to “Pokémon Go to the polls!”  Her reference was to the app Pokémon Go, a multiplayer game that went viral among young people earlier that year for its social aspects and interactive gameplay.  The presidential candidate was seemingly baffled by the lack of […]