<strong>7 Sports Lessons to Apply to Your Public Relations Career</strong>

7 Sports Lessons to Apply to Your Public Relations Career

Sports and a career in public relations may have more in common than you might initially think. Being an athlete provides many valuable lessons in life: focus, discipline, risk, and reward. I’ve found that many of these sports lessons can also be applied to a public relations career Practice is the key to success. Have you ever heard the saying […]

<strong>The Future of Public Relations Must Be Inclusive </strong>

The Future of Public Relations Must Be Inclusive 

As public relations professionals, it’s our job to understand our audiences well. This means understanding consumers on a personal level; but how could you possibly understand an individual who comes from a completely different walk of life?  While the answer to this question isn’t always easy, our generation can commit to improving the PR industry by seeking and supporting more […]

<strong>Connecting to Gen Z Voters</strong>

Connecting to Gen Z Voters

At a July 2016 campaign rally in Virginia, Democratic nominee for president Hillary Clinton told her audience to “Pokémon Go to the polls!”  Her reference was to the app Pokémon Go, a multiplayer game that went viral among young people earlier that year for its social aspects and interactive gameplay.  The presidential candidate was seemingly baffled by the lack of […]

<strong>5 Signs that you’re a True PR Enthusiast</strong>

5 Signs that you’re a True PR Enthusiast

Few fields are as involved in our daily lives as public relations. Whether in popular culture or politics, its recurring societal presence can spark interest in the career. Once involved, many public relations professionals find themselves enthusiasts of the career, with elements of their profession seeping into their personal lives. Here, I’ve noted a few things that only true PR […]