Tips for Predicting Future Trends in the PR Industry 

Public relations is a constantly changing field, and in my last article, I mentioned how PR professionals must adapt to the ever-changing trends in our society to be successful. Well, the question that arises is how companies can stay ahead of the trends to be able to adapt quickly when the time comes. Although I am not a professional, I have compiled a small list of tips for predicting future trends that may come into play in the field of PR. 

1. Everything old is new again.

History repeats itself. Most of the time, popular trends end up coming back. Just think of how popular trends from the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s are now popular again. PR agencies can consider this when producing new content. It may not hurt to look at some of those old files for inspiration. 

2. Keep up with influencers.

Influencers rule social media right now, and they have for the last couple of years. An influencer’s audience truly does listen to their opinions. PR agencies should continue to keep up with influencers and study what they are saying to see what the “hottest” new trends are. Not only can studying influencer opinions help predict what may happen next in the world of trends, but utilizing influencers can also be a great tactic for PR campaigns. Many influencers are constantly receiving PR packages from a variety of different companies and producing videos about what is being sent to them. Companies can also pay influencers to promote products or to be featured in campaigns. 

3. Keep things simple.

The best way to avoid following an outdated trend is to keep things simple. You can achieve the same goals through your advertisements with a simple format, so why not do it? Adding too many features may open more opportunities for problems to arise. One way to keep things simple is to create a plan going into the job you are going to take on. If you have one specific goal in mind, you can create a detailed plan. 

4. Avoid being too trendy.

Going off my last point, it is better to keep it simple than aiming to create the trendiest content. Trends come in and out at a rapid rate, and some PR content may take a while to create. If you plan out a whole production that takes months to draw up, some of the trendy elements you add may already be out of style by the time the campaign is released. It is difficult to know what trends are going to stick around longer than others; therefore, it is better to incorporate a small amount of “trendy material” to create longevity for the campaign.

Rowan Fossella, a member of the PRSSA 2022–2023 Publications Committee, is a sophomore at Villanova University majoring in communication with a public relations concentration. She joined the PRSSA Publications Committee following her experience with the first Villanova Student-run Firm. In high school, Rowan interned at the Staten Island District Attorney’s office, where she began to explore the field of public relations. Here she realized the importance of PR and its ability to help others. If you are interested in contacting Rowan, you may reach her via LinkedIn.

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