How Rebranding Your Chapter Can Increase Your Reach

Rebranding your PRSSA Chapter can be beneficial in many ways. Having a cohesive look can help you attract more students and gain more members. This might sound like a big challenge to many people; however, when I started my position as director of public relations for our Chapter, I was given a logo, website and social media accounts with no cohesive branding.  I saw this as an opportunity to rebrand my Chapter and now I’d like to share how I did it with you.

  1. Create a brand kit

Since we already had a logo that worked with our school, we stuck to the colors included in the logo for our color palette. If you don’t have a unique logo for your Chapter, create one that best represents your school and location. Afterward, I picked three different fonts that we would use for our marketing collateral such as our website, social media graphics and flyers. I also created a secondary logo to use as a pattern. Lastly, we created a catchy tagline, ‘Bringing brands to life.’

  1. Design Your Website

We completely revamped the look of our website. Using the brand kit, we implemented all the elements to reflect our Chapter. By updating the photos, creating a background design with our secondary logo and making a page that highlighted our executive board members, we were able to improve the overall aesthetic and appeal of our website significantly.

  1. Instagram Takeover

It’s time to show off the new look! This was when I created a series of graphics to promote our rebranding campaign and the new look of our Chapter. I utilized Instagram story highlight covers with our color palette and new rebranding material. Our Instagram account looked better overnight! Everyone was excited and congratulated us on the new look. I realized that all the hard work was finally paying off.

  1. Membership Marketing

We also got to use our new look on our print collateral. I designed our ‘Join PRSSA’ flyers, bookmarks and candy slips to hand out at our tabling events. The same designs I used were resized for our social media and website so that everything looked consistent.

Today, our Chapter is known for its vibrant and tropical brand. By the end of this process, our social media following increased by over 300 followers and almost doubled our membership.

If you or your Chapter is looking to rebrand in some manner, make sure to know your Chapter’s strengths, highlight them and don’t forget to have fun!

Myra Pimentel is the director of public relations for the PRSSA Long Beach chapter. She is also the CSULB social media student assistant, social media assistant for DIG MAG and currently the membership-marketing intern at the Aquarium of the Pacific. She is a fourth-year undergrad graduating in Spring 2019 with a B.A. in psychology and a minor in public relations.

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