Graduating Seniors Can Learn to Further Their Careers through PRSA and the New Professionals Section

c24f51615eada238288618e1b236f54e_400x400Congratulations seniors! You’re graduating from college soon, and with that, you will soon become a PRSSA alumnus. It’s now time to transition from student to professional with PRSA and the New Professionals Section.

As a PRSSA member, you had access to a local Chapter that provided you with networking opportunities and led to friendships that will last throughout your professional career. Once you transition and join PRSA, you can both maintain those friendships forged during your time as a student and grow that network by reaching out to your local PRSA Chapter and attending its monthly luncheons or meetings.  In addition, your local PRSA Chapter will also provide opportunities for volunteering, committee work and the development of leadership skills.

An often overlooked avenue of development that is available through PRSA is the New Professionals Section.  Although your local Chapter is devoted to professionals at all stages of their careers, the New Professional Section — with more than 1,000 members across the country — is geared specifically to advance the careers of those professionals who have been active in the industry for five years or less.

As a PRSSA member, you can join PRSA up to five months prior to graduation as an Associate Member and receive membership in the New Professionals Section for free. If you are not a graduating PRSSA member, you are still eligible to take advantage of many of the New Professionals resources:

The New Professionals Section is launching a new series, A Day in the Life Of, next month on Progressions, featuring new professionals taking advantage of their PRSA membership. With so many benefits, PRSA and the New Professionals Section is relevant to you as a students, as a professional just entering the workforce, and as a seasoned practitioner.

Of the many offerings available through membership in PRSA and the New Professionals Section, which is the tool you will use the most to further your career?

A native of Peru, Henry Cervera in an independent public relations practitioner and a Utah Valley University PRSSA alumnus. He now serves as a PRSSA liaison for the New Professionals Section and is an active member of PRSA the Greater Salt Lake Chapter. Find him on Twitter @SoyHenryCervera.

*Please note, an earlier published version of this article incorrectly stated the quarterly PRSA New Professionals Newsletter was available as a resource to current PRSSA members. The newsletter is only sent to PRSA New Professionals members.

2 thoughts on “Graduating Seniors Can Learn to Further Their Careers through PRSA and the New Professionals Section

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      As a graduating senior, I am very excited to get out into the professional world. I am a member of PRSSA Kent at Kent State University, and I definitely consider joining PRSA as a step to take after graduation. I have learned so much through PRSSA, and I want to continue that as a young professional. I am excited to read the features from the new series. I love hearing about new professionals and the process they took to get to where they are!

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      Thanks for your comment! I’m also excited for the new series, A Day in the Life Of, to learn more about each of the new professionals that will be featured on these series.
      Transitioning to PRSA and becoming part of the New Pros section has been fundamental in my evolution as a new professional. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions

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