Follow the Yellow-Brick Road: Internships and the Road to Professional Success

The summer internship: every college student’s biggest dream and worst nightmare. Interning is presented to college students as the next step in building your resume to prepare for the job market, or as I like to think about it, the next step down the yellow-brick road to the Emerald City, the capital of “success.” With the checklist mentality often adopted […]

Finding Value in Diversity

Utah State University’s Regional Activity, “Finding Value in Diversity” provided students with a plethora of knowledge regarding the future of public relations. The speakers at the two-day conference included public relations executives and professionals, event planners, non-profit representatives and legal professionals. One of the featured speakers was Nicole Farrell, an attorney at Parsons, Behle and Latimer in Salt Lake City. […]

Non-Profit Public Relations: Exciting, Rewarding, and Fun!

Imagine the excitement of an agency: A diverse range of clients, the flurry of deadlines and an opportunity to touch the entire media relations process in one day. Now, combine this with the fulfillment of a non-profit: working with passionate volunteers, progressing toward a common goal and making a positive impact on society. This combination is the best way to […]

Regional Activity Update at Michigan State University

The following is a guest post from Kylie O’Brien, MSU PRSSA vice president of public relations. The public relations field offers opportunities in a variety of specialties; it’s not a simple choice among agency, corporation or non-profit. It’s a career filled with niches ranging from entertainment to government to health care. So how are we, college students aspiring to enter […]