Why You Should Attend a PRSSA 2017 Regional Conference

Regional Conferences are one of the greatest benefits offered by PRSSA. The experience for hosting an event of that caliber is great for the Chapter, but the perks of attending are even better. Attending Regional Conferences provides unique professional development and networking opportunities. Similar to the PRSSA National Conference, Regional Conferences provide unique insight to the industry. Guest speakers and […]

The Power of a Network

As communications professionals, we’re sure you’ve heard it before — your network is everything. So, what is a network? By definition, a network is “an interconnected or interrelated chain, group or system.” You likely already know that your network is comprised of the professionals you meet throughout your life at conferences, trainings, happy hours, etc. What you might not have […]

Finding Your Perfect Summer Internship

Though it’s only January, you should be on the look out for summer internship opportunities. Some internship deadlines have already passed, but you still have time, so start looking now! If you’re not sure where to begin searching, check out the sources below: If you’re a due-paying PRSSA member… The Internship Center is an exclusive benefit for dues-paying PRSSA members, […]

How to Get a Mentor

Everyone needs a mentor. There is no doubt that mentorship has positive lift for young and old, job seekers and career ladder climbers, students and teachers, managers and individuals. I have often argued that not only are mentors valuable, but a variety of mentors is perhaps the best path to objective, savvy and smart advice for both the good and […]

Professionals and Students Make Champions for PRSSA a Two-Way Street of Mutual Career Benefits

One of my earliest career mentors (who also influenced my career-long involvement in Champions for PRSSA), David Bicofsky, taught me early on that effective mentoring is a two-way relationship between mentor and protégé. Thirteen years ago, we even co-wrote a Public Relations Tactics article on the subject, “Two Sides of the Mentoring Process,” wherein we each penned our perspectives on […]

Finding Your Public Relations Niche

Public relations professionals can delve into many different areas of the industry. College students have the opportunity to further focus their studies by adding minors to their education, which can help craft greater knowledge both personally and professionally. Minors allow one to explore other areas of interest and link together multiple disciplines. This helps prepare one for a more specialized […]

Advice for PR Students Seeking Their First Job

There was a time when public relations positions used to be available for almost anybody who wanted them. Few people were sure exactly what public relations was and standards weren’t high. Today, the situation is far different. As public relations has become more enticing to liberal arts students, lawyers, journalists and others, positions have become more competitive Today when an […]