Setting the Standard: Nebraska Volleyball 2023’s PR Triumph

The Nebraska Volleyball team of 2023 not only dominated the court but also left an indelible mark in the realm of public relations. Let’s dissect the various elements that contributed to the team’s stellar PR success.

On-Court Excellence

The foundation of Nebraska Volleyball’s PR triumph lies in their exceptional on-court performance. The team’s strategic plays, impeccable teamwork and relentless pursuit of victory created a narrative of excellence that resonated with sports enthusiasts and casual viewers alike. “We don’t have any seniors, and we have six new players,” Nebraska assistant coach Kelly Hunter said. “So, we chose to flip the narrative and count our experience that we do have coming up to this point.” Having a team “so young” but continuing to push the limits and ebay the stakes makes the team who they are. The high-stakes matches and outstanding performances added a layer of excitement that transcended the sport, drawing in a broader audience. 

Breaking History

The team has done historical greatness for women in sports. “Nebraska volleyball broke the record for the most fans in attendance at a women’s sporting event as they filled Memorial Stadium with 92,003 people.” Breaking a record as 18-22 year old female women is creating a brand for what Nebraska volleyball has the possibilities of doing. The previous record for an American women’s sporting event was 90,185 in USA’s FIFA World Cup Final against China on July 10, 1999, at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif.. The latest being over a decade ago and being professional sports makes this more monumental for Nebraska. 

Public relations initiatives can capitalize on this accomplishment by highlighting the cultural impact of the record-breaking event, emphasizing the team’s role in advancing gender equality in sports and showcasing the dedication of the fans. Engaging with the media, creating compelling narratives and leveraging social media platforms can contribute to building a positive perception of Nebraska volleyball and its contribution to the empowerment of women in sports.

Individual Brilliance

Within the team, individual players emerged as stars, each contributing a unique set of skills and charisma. The PR team capitalized on this by showcasing the players not just as athletes but as multifaceted individuals. Personal profiles, player spotlights and behind-the-scenes content gave fans a closer look at the personalities driving the team’s success, creating a more intimate connection between players and supporters. Harper Murray, freshman on the Nebraska 2023 team, has one of the most impressive backgrounds. Recognized as the Gatorade National Player of the Year and Michigan Volleyball Player of the Year for 2022, securing gold with the U.S. Girls U19 Team at the 2022 Pan American Cup, and earning the prestigious title of Michigan’s Miss Volleyball for the same year, Murray’s accolades are nothing short of extraordinary. Ranked as the No. 1 overall recruit by, she weaves her remarkable journey into the fabric of her social media presence, offering an intimate look at the daily life and challenges faced as both a D1 volleyball player and a typical college student. On her TikTok account, you’ll find a collection of joyful moments, featuring laughter-filled videos showcasing herself, friends, teammates and family engaging in various activities or simply savoring each other’s company. The same content extends to her Instagram, creating a consistent theme of shared enjoyment and companionship. 

Murray’s social media presence becomes a powerful tool in humanizing the team and engaging with fans on a more personal level. This approach not only enhances the team’s overall image but also contributes to building a strong and loyal fan base, supported by effective public relations efforts.

Strategic Social Media Campaigns

The team’s social media prowess played a pivotal role in shaping their public image. Engaging content, including match highlights, player interviews and interactive Q&A sessions, transformed social media platforms into vibrant hubs for fan interaction. The PR team leveraged these platforms not just to promote games but to build a community around the team, fostering a sense of belonging among followers. Nebraska Volleyball’s TikTok account has 181.0K followers and 5.0M likes. They use their TikTok platform to display game day clips, player and locker room fun, Huskers catching flights and all other Nebraska Volleyball fun. Catching the fun and thrill that comes through each player as they arrive at games, during the game and after games. The content of these posts influences how the public perceives them, shaping the perspective that the fan base has of their team. Backrow player Maisie Boesiger used her social media platforms this past volleyball season to record all the appealing and exciting moments in the 2023 volleyball season. They began with easy dance Tik Tok, gradually transitioning into YouTube vlogs as the tournament unfolded. Their journey seamlessly unfolded from the tournament’s commencement to its conclusion. Creating these types of videos and posts helped the Huskers volleyball brand expand in many ways bringing more views and fans to Husker Nation. 

Adaptable Narratives

Success in PR often hinges on adaptability, and Nebraska Volleyball 2023 excelled in this regard. The team’s narratives weren’t solely built on victories; they showcased resilience in defeat. Post-match reflections, candid interviews addressing challenges, and the determination to learn and grow from setbacks painted a picture of a team that valued the journey as much as the destination. As the Huskers fell against Texas in the National championship, they never doubted who they were as a team and brand. As players got interviewed, they always made sure to have one another’s back and not fail to recognize all the hard work behind who Nebraska Volleyball is. They provide a great amount of pride in who they are while recognizing how well their winning opponents had done. Knowing when to speak out on information and how to say things whether it is social media, press conferences or interviews before and after games. Nebraska demonstrated remarkable adaptability, emphasizing resilience beyond victories. Despite their loss to Texas in the National Championship, the team maintained a strong sense of identity, supporting each other in interviews and acknowledging the hard work that defines Nebraska Volleyball.

Winning PR Strategy

Nebraska Volleyball 2023’s triumph in public relations wasn’t accidental; it was a meticulously crafted strategy that integrated on-court excellence, individual stories, social media finesse and adaptability. By mastering the delicate balance between sportsmanship and showmanship, the team not only secured victories on the court but also won the hearts and minds of fans, sponsors, and the media. In the evolving landscape where sports and public relations intersect, Nebraska Volleyball 2023 set a benchmark for others. Nebraska Volleyball, the ones to follow. 

Alexandra Lucaj, a senior at Grand Valley State University, is a PRSSA National Publications Subcommittee Member. Pursuing a Bachelor of Science in public relations and advertising with an emphasis in public relations, she joined GVPRSSA in her junior year and currently serves as vice president of membership services and DE&I Committee lead. Beyond her PR involvement, Alexandra, a first-generation Albanian-American, is active in various clubs, including founding the Albanian-American Student Organization. With a background in college volleyball, she aspires to contribute her skills to a professional sports team in her future career. You can connect with Alexandra on LinkedIn.

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