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Let’s face it, the 9–5 desk job just isn’t for everyone. With the growth of social media and technology, more and more are turning to an unconventional work approach and for some, it is working quite well. How does making $1.3 million in under 2 hours on Instagram sound? To some, it sounds rather unattainable. But to a self-taught artist, Ashley Longshore, it’s just a typical weekday.

Ashley Longshore has taken the art world by storm. Originally from Montgomery, Alabama, the New Orleans resident boasts quite the resume, being the first-ever female show for Bergdorf Goodman, not to mention her recent collaboration with Gucci and her book release. There is no doubt; Longshore is a gifted artist and business genius but you won’t see her paintings hanging on a gallery wall. Her outlet of choice? Instagram.

Longshore knows how to build a brand and reach an audience. The celebrity favorite has a following of 233 thousand and her reach is only growing. Longshore’s entire business is built upon her Instagram. How does she do it? She tells her story.

Longshore’s Instagram is colorful, honest and at times, quite vulgar. Much like her art, Longshore does not shy away from showing her full personality on her feed. Her feed is enthusiastic because she is enthusiastic and people have fun following her. Her primary focus is building relationships on the social media platform. She is consistent in responding to comments and tagged photos and leverages her bold personality to form new relationships. Her highlight reel includes her press features and collaborations. Longshore easily grabs an audience’s attention and keeps their attention with each post. She effectively tells the story of her personal brand because she is true to herself. Her ostentatious personality is not concealed behind a perfect and aesthetically pleasing feed. Rather, she is consistent and she’s not afraid to push boundaries, and it is working.

So, what is there to learn about public relations from Ashley Longshore? Longshore’s knows her personal brand well, as displayed through her Instagram. The key is, she’s consistent with her brand. She knows her brand. Unconventional works for Longshore because she is unconventional. Longshore took what makes her unique and built a brand off of it. A quite profitable one, at that.

Haley Joe Febrey is a senior at Samford University, studying journalism and mass communication with concentrations in public relations and print journalism. She hopes to pursue non-profit public relations upon graduating from Samford University in the spring.

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      In my opinion, Instagram is showing your art image to people around the world. Most of the people are appreciated the art images from uploader because they tapped their emotion to see the beauty of the images. That’s really the purpose of Instagram.

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