Code for Communication [National Conference 2018 Session Recap]

Session: Code for Communication

Presenter: Brandi Boatner, Social and Influencer Communications Lead, Global Markets, IBM

Recap: Brandi Boatner presented on tech public relations and the importance of this type of PR, as she works at IBM, a leading cloud platform and cognitive solutions company. Boatner started her presentation by stating that she is the “Beyoncé of the Business World” and she sure can take on a lot! She went on to discuss the three A’s of PR, which are: analytics, architecture and algorithms. The audience, which could be the fourth A, effects the other three.

IBM is so important today as we are a culture that is constantly on the go and perception is a reality. As public relations professionals, we need to be able to be content creators, be pros in coding, be able to be a social media listener as well as be highly skilled in digital media relations.


  • Everything is digital; therefore, you need to understand how people behave online and in groups and social media can tell us this.
  • Make content fun again!
  • Technology has changed the dynamic of trust.
  • We need to be modern communicators and be able to look beyond just social media. For example, be able to look at analytics.

MacKenzie Zoschnick is a senior at Wayne State University majoring in communications with a minor in public relations. In addition to serving as her school’s Chapter President for PRSSA, MacKenzie is currently a marketing intern with the Detroit Medical Center. Follow her on twitter@mac_zoschnick, Instagram @maczoschnickor connect with her on LinkedIn.

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