Success Stories of Corporate Social Responsibility [PR in Peru; RC Recap]

Courtesy of USMP PRSSA.

Session: Success Stories of Corporate Social Responsibility


  • Milagros Zamudio (Member of the Stakeholder Council of the Global Reporting Initiative)
  • Miguel Narváez (Head of CSR and Sustainability at Cencosud)
  • Leyla Perea (Head of the Fundación Telefónica Volunteers programme)
  • Ricardo Cuba Garcia (General Manager of CTC Consultants)

On the last day of the Conference, we had the pleasure to hear from some experienced specialists in the subject of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Not only did they speak about their career but also the numerous challenges they have overcome.

The first major point the speakers discussed was recommending how and why new professionals in the public relations field should be closer to the community. They spoke about the importance of being a valuable spokesperson in order to benefit the company and their clients. One speaker noted that this is where ethics comes into play.  

The speakers recalled their experiences with CSR and sustainability and the 17 Sustainable Development Objectives (SDO). It is their priority to co-work with other socially responsible communicators to achieve extraordinary developments in the next 15 years.

The students were delighted with the information and the advice given by the specialists because they had the opportunity to learn about the importance of CSR and why it is fundamental for the growth and development of an organization.


  • Sustainability includes environmental protection, social development and economic growth.
  • Communicators serve as mediators to achieve better relationships and work as key actors for the goals of the organization.
  • All social communicators practice sustainability in one form or another.

Camila Lazo Portocarrero has been an active member of PRSSA since July 2017. She is an events promoter and loves reading articles. Camila recently worked as an English teacher for a local kindergarten class.

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