3 Ways Technology is Shaping the Modern Office

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Over the past ten years, technology has changed drastically. Now more than ever, professionals are using technology in the workplace for a variety of daily tasks and ongoing projects. Below are three ways technology is shaping the modern office.

1)    Increased Connectivity.

Microsoft and Google’s suite of products allows for modern employees to work simultaneously within documents and spreadsheets. Rather than one person creating something from start to finish and then waiting for feedback, creator and editor can exist within the same piece of content and work together in real time to finish a task.

Outside of working on content creation, there has been a massive increase in employee communication. Most cloud-based applications have a chat feature within the platform. Whether a company uses third party software like Google or their own proprietary software, the ability to instantly talk to anyone at the company is an essential part of keeping the company in contact.   

2)    Efficiency

Enterprise-level cloud software offerings enable project managers and employees to work more efficiently and recognize shortcomings in the workflow. Employers and employees alike are becoming smarter about setting standards and expectations in the workplace. With a single program to monitor workflow, everyone has visibility into what areas of a project need more time and where resources might be over-committed. Companies that adopt these tools can manage more clients with fewer employees who can boost revenue and allow them to grow faster.

3)    Remote Work

Offices are shrinking! With so much technology and connectivity through the cloud as opposed to locally hosted networks, employees are working from home or on the road more and more. With fewer people in the office, employers can rely on smaller office spaces and save a ton of money on office space leases or mortgages if they own the building.

It’s important to point out that no single study has proven that working from home makes everyone more productive. It comes down to the individual and how the company implements the work from home program. Regardless of its effectiveness, more and more companies are integrating work from home programs for their employees. Some decide to allow workers a specific number of hours and others let the employee decide to work from home with no restrictions.

Have you seen these changes in your office? Let us know down below!

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Brian Thomas is a contributor to Enlightened Digital, a long-distance cyclist, and lifelong advocate for women in business from Philadelphia. Tech and business are his lifeblood, but he is also a fanatic of brewpubs and just about every sports team in Philadelphia.


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