Public and Cultural Diversity [PR in Peru; Regional Conference Recap]

Isabella Falco, Director of Communications and Country Image at PromPeru

Session: Public and Cultural Diversity

Presenter: Isabella Falco, Director of Communications and Country Image at PromPeru

Recap: They say that everything has a history and a legacy that transcends further than oneself. Peru has it too. Behind its name, there are hidden legendary places, mythical history and exquisite gastronomy. These are several reasons why Isabella Falco, one of the promoters of Marca Peru, considers Peru “the richest country in the world.”

She knows Peru has an incomparable fortune with a heritage that continues leaving marks. It’s in its flora, fauna, dances, rivers, lakes and more. The idea and slogan that Peru is, “the richest country in the world” has since generated controversy.  Falco mentioned, “In social networks, people started to wonder where the real richness was. Well, it was where it’s really important”, Falco said.

But this country isn’t just composed of what is seen from the outside, because what could be better than its people? The concluding phrase of an online video campaign for Peru said, “There a lot of things that make Peru a unique country and you are one of them.”  Created by Macra Peru, the piece was titled `Exchanged. ´ Here, they wanted to put a Peruvian in the shoes of a compatriot. Therefore, they changed their roles. This was a way to meet and understand other people’s life and talents while also appreciating the great country of Peru.

This is how Marca Peru works: fostering knowledge, respect and understanding, to reach love for this incredible culture. Peru is “a mix of all the blood”, like the famous writer Jose Maria Arguedas would say. Peru is a nation that has been forged by breaking barriers and discovering new opportunities.


  • People build their own country.
  • Spread the knowledge and values for the improvement of the cultural identity.
  • The richness of the country is in their tradition, legacy and history.
  • All countries must make themselves known abroad.

Fiorella Durand is the Events Coordinator and web editor of the Peruvian Chapter. Also, she is a candidate for councilor in Pueblo Libre district and works as a Community Manager and editor in the Peruvian Army.

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