September Reading Roundup — Crisis Management, Twitter, Transparency and Equifax

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With the PRSSA 2017 National Conference happening this week, it is important to be up-to-date on industry news as you network with members and professionals. Below are eight pieces you have missed this month.

Three Ways Brands Can Be More Authentic in the Age of Misinformation

By: Hamish McCollester

Publication: Spin Sucks

This article discusses how public relations professionals need to be proactive in their approaches to represent their clients and their brands in today’s society. With modern technology constantly evolving, it is important that PR practitioners stay proactive in their approaches.

Can the latest Equifax apology regain public trust?

By: Ted Kitterman

Publication: PR Daily

The Equifax crisis has been a topic of discussion in the media within the last few weeks, as it has affected millions of people. This article looks into the newest CEO’s apology and what Equifax needs to do in order to regain the public’s and the media’s trust.

You Really Did Learn This in Kindergarten: Be Fair

By: Janelle Guthrie

Publication: PR Say

September was PRSA and PRSSA ethics month and this piece dives into the core of that theme — being fair.

How social media is driving increased transparency in the workplace

Publication: Bulldog Reporter

If social media interests you, this article offers insights on how social media is transforming privacy in the workplace, as well as how people are responding to it.

Your call: Will 280 characters change Twitter?

Publication: PR Week

This article analyzes Twitter’s test to allowing 280 rather than 140, as well as how this difference can spark change through the social channel.

How to Know if You’re PR Crisis Material

By: Arthur Solomon

Publication: PR News

If you’re considering the crisis communication field, check this article out. Arthur Solomon dives into what skills make a strong crisis communicator, as well as what one should expect in the field.

How to Get More Done by Doing Less

By: Adii Pienaar

Publication: HubSpot

As PR practitioners, we are always looking for ways to be more efficient. This HubSpot article provides tips on how to become more productive in our day-to-day lives.

Rumor or Rescue? The Influence of Social Media During Hurricane Season

By: Lucinda Austin and Yan Jin

Publication: Institute for Public Relations

With recent crises, many people are now turning to social media as a news social. As communicators, it is our responsibility to use the evolving medium for good, as well as to disseminate the necessary information. This article discusses social media and the September hurricanes.

Natalie Gloady is a graduate student at Waynesburg University and the PRSSA 2017–2018 Publications Editor in Chief. Follow her on Twitter or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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