September Monthly Reading Round-Up — PR Lessons from Drake and Chipotle, Every Day Ethics, An Epic List of Useless Words

September flew by in a blur and we’re venturing deeper into the fall semester. October is near but never fear, the Progressions Monthly Reading Round-Up is here. Below are eight interesting articles you may have missed:

1. 3 PR Lessons From The Brand Attack On Chipotle8334735046_f22284e166_b

Author: Jonathan Salem Baskin

Publication: Forbes

What do you do when a non-profit group with private, secret donors attacks your company’s health and environmental claims? Baskin explains in his article saying, “The only real defense against such attacks is to ensure that your brand position accommodates as many contrarian facts as it relies on favorable ones.” Read on for more nuggets of wisdom.

2. The Importance of a PR Internship (Plus: How To Cultivate a Mentor)

Author: Courtney Lukitsch

Publication: PR Newser

This article is a two-for-one touching on how to score a great internship and why. As well as the steps to gaining a talented mentor after the experience is over.

3. 6 Things Public Relations Pros Can Learn From DrakeDrake_at_Bun-B_Concert_2011

Author: Ronn Torossian

Publication: Business 2 Community

With such a humorous title, how could you not read this one? And by the end of the article, you actually have learned a thing or two, such as the importance of challenging yourself and surrounding yourself with hard working people. Thanks, Drake.

4. Why Join a PRSA Chapter?

Author: Courtney L. Anderson

Publication: ComPRehension

Sooner than later, December will be upon us and though it may seem far away, May will follow faster than we anticipate. Those two months signal graduation for many. For those moving on to a professional career, don’t forget that PRSA is the next step in your professional development In this article Anderson explains the opportunities PRSA offers professionally and personally.

5. The Epic List of Useless Words and Phrases (Continued)

Author: Diane Schwartz

Publication: The PR News Blog

Cliches: we’re all guilty of using them as a “communication shortcut” Schwartz says. But here is a list of the ones we should really try to avoid. How many of these phrases have you said lately?

6. 3 Ways Living Abroad Improves Your Own Communication Skills

Author: Robert Windon

Publication: Culpwrit

During college, many students try to take advantage  of the studying abroad opportunity. But even if you did not study abroad in college, that doesn’t mean you can’t ever live abroad. Windon did it with two children in tow and explains how the experience has armed him with new tools for effective communication.

7. Surprising Study: Millenials Prefer Human Interaction Over Digital

Author: Elizabeth Mitchell

Publication: PR Newser

The title of the article itself is surprise enough, but wait until you read the facts. According to a recent study by Mattersight Corporation, millennials may not be as “screen addicted” as we all thought.

8. Ethics Every Day: Defining Ethics

Author: Krista Watson

Publication: Progressions

This September, PRSSA celebrated Ethics Month with a Twitter chat, an ethics case study competition and several blog posts centered around this year’s theme: Ethics Every Day. This article aims to orient those unfamiliar with the importance of ethics in public relations.

These articles are gathered and submitted by the PRSSA National Committee and the PRSSA publications team as well as occasional contributions from members, so feel free to pass along interesting articles to Emma Finkbeiner by email at

Emma Finkbeiner is the PRSSA 2015–2016 publications editor in chief. She attends Northern Michigan University and was a former editor in chief of the student newspaper The North Wind. Connect with her on Twitter @efink101 or LinkedIn.


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