To Bid or Not To Bid: Benefits of Hosting a Regional Conference Part Two

One of the most exciting, challenging and rewarding experiences a Chapter can have stem from hosting a Regional Conference. Here are a few more reasons why your Chapter should consider taking that leap and bidding to host:

1. Weight Training for Your Chapter 

Giving your Chapter the opportunity to host a Regional Conference strengthens the Chapter as a whole, while also building the skill sets of those individuals in your Chapter. It allows members to work together and the whole event becomes a  bonding experience. Members’ abilities become stronger, and so does the connection between members.

Vice President of Regional Conferences Jenn Shafer introducing a speaker at The Ohio State University's regional conference last year.
Vice President of Regional Conferences Jenn Shafer introducing a panel of speakers at The Ohio State University’s regional conference last year.

2. And the Oscar goes to… 

After hosting a Regional Conference, your university is eligible to apply for national awards, like the Teahan Outstanding Regional Conference Award, where your Chapter could win money and a plaque to commemorate your hard work. Many of the Star Chapter Award components can also be met by hosting a Regional Conference. Check out the awards and scholarship page for more incentives.

3. Peer Review 

Although networking with professionals is important, we tend to forget the significance of meeting and networking with each other. We will all be entering the public relations field in a few shorts years, and you never know where someone could end up. It’s always good to know people.

4. We Want YOU to Join the Conference Committee 

Regional Conferences are a great way to get more members involved in the Chapter because it opens up more leadership positions and responsibilities. Members are more involved when they actually have roles to fulfill and they feel important.

5. Resume Roundup 

Coordinating a Regional Conference for hundreds of students is definitely a resume booster, and it gives you something to talk about. It shows you were actually involved in your PRSSA Chapter, something many employers look for. Plus, between all of the planning and coordination, there won’t be a situational question you won’t be able to answer in an interview.

Although there are many worthy reasons to host a Regional Conference, I will not sugar-coat it for you. It’s a long process, and a ton of work. From contacting speakers, to researching the best food options to stuffing swag bags days before the event, it’s not a task for one person. There are major benefits to hosting a Regional Conference, but be ready to put some work into it. As with most things, you get out of it what you put into it. And remember, I’ll be with you every step of the way.

The final Bid to Host forms are due Sept. 21, so don’t wait to start thinking about hosting!

PRSSA Vice President of Regional Conferences Jenn Shafer is a student at The Ohio State University. Follow her on Twitter @_jennshafer or on LinkedIn.

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