Top Five Reasons to Apply to Host a Chapter Development Session

Our Society boasts more than 330 Chapters across the U.S., Argentina and Colombia. Each and every one of these Chapters is unique and successful in its own way. Once a year eight Chapters have the privilege to present those successful practices to hundreds of PRSSA National Conference attendees.

Haven’t quite piqued your interest yet? Here are the top five reasons you should apply to host a Chapter Development Session at National Conference:

Showcase what your Chapter does best.
You may not realize it, but your Chapter probably operates differently. This leaves opportunity for Chapters to learn from one another. Whether it’s fundraising, recruitment, event planning or meeting programming, every Chapter has a specialty to share with our Society.

University of Florida PRSSA shares Chapter best practices at the PRSSA 2013 National Conference. Photo taken by Hannah Giles
University of Florida PRSSA shares Chapter best practices at the PRSSA 2013 National Conference.
Photo taken by Hannah Giles

Kick off National Conference with a bang.
Chapter Development Sessions take place Friday afternoon of every National Conference — in other words, they are likely the first sessions attendees experience. Don’t you want to be responsible for setting the tone of the Conference and kicking it off with a bang?

Grow together as a Chapter.
Hosting a Chapter Development Session is nothing short of a Chapter commitment. Though you’ll have a smaller dedicated team of presenters, your entire Chapter will be a big help in developing your presentation. They are the ones who made your specific presentation topic possible after all. Working together to pull off an amazing session is sure to strengthen your Chapter.

Serve as a resource long after presenting at Conference.
After Conference is over, the sessions’ presentations are then archived on the PRSSA website. Your information will live on to benefit our Society long after you present at Conference.

Work alongside the PRSSA National vice president of Chapter development.
As an added bonus, you will work directly with the vice president of Chapter development. He or she will set deadlines, edit outlines and critique rehearsals. Essentially, the vice president will be your personal mentor throughout the entire process. Oh, and between you and me, the vice president of Chapter development is always one of the most fun National Committee members (just my unbiased opinion, of course).

Now that you’re convinced to apply, gather a team of presenters and choose a topic. Send your application electronically to Chris Bonelli and Jeneen Garcia by May 1.

This is a guest post by PRSSA Vice President of Chapter Development Chris Bonelli. Follow him on Twitter @BonelliSays.


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