Life as a New Professional: Never Stop Learning

Blog post author Kate Ryan at the PRSSA 2013 National Assembly. Photo courtesy of Hannah Giles.

This post is the second of a series of “Lives of New Professionals” guest posts for Progressions.

The fact that a brand new job comes with an enormous learning curve is an understatement. Beginning my first full-time job has been one of the biggest life changes I have faced yet. I have said goodbye to the college student lifestyle and hello to the real world.

As I only began my career just over three months ago, I’m certainly no seasoned professional. However, I will be the first to speak to the importance of constant learning in a brand new job. While each day may bring a new set of challenges, you simply cannot afford to stop learning. Ever.

Since recently becoming a new pro, I have learned more in the last few months than ever. That is no exaggeration. Sure, working for several different clients and reporting to four or five managers might be similar in many ways to juggling six classes, PRSSA, other extracurricular activities and a social life, it is just not the same. Time management skills have never been more important in my life than now. Constant communication and always asking questions have absolutely been the most essential keys to success thus far.

Working in business-to-business marketing and public relations, I have an inside perspective of branding and campaign deliverables. Sometimes I even feel like I work in multiple different industries every day. Most importantly, I learn more and more each day because I’m open to it.

Now, where would I be without PRSSA? Not here. Not in this position where I have the opportunity to learn from people I only hope to become as talented as some day.

As a new professional, you have the perfect opportunity to take full advantage of learning from your managers, co-workers and even your CEO. Use it.

What steps have you taken recently to continue learning?

This is a guest post written by Kate Ryan, current vice president of member services and Client Marketing Associate at SmithBucklin Corporation in Chicago. Follow Kate at @kryan2013.

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      Learning is a process which will never end. People keep on learning different things with the passage of time and at different life stages. But learning phase for a newly professional is little different because he has to get learning in different fields like meeting different peoples, managing different tasks at a time etc.

      Thanks for sharing such a good post.

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