April Twitter Chat “Becoming a New Pro” Recap

Thank you to everyone who participated in our April PRSSA Twitter Chat!

We had many new participants from PRSSA and PRSA for this month’s “Becoming a New Pro” April Twitter Chat. Specifically, we’d like to thank co-moderators Amy Bishop tweeting from @PRSANewPros and the Vice President of Public Relations, Lauren Rosenbaum, tweeting from the @PRSSANational account.


April 2013 Twitter Chat

This is a recap of our eighth Twitter Chat of the school year, "Becoming a New Pro" co-hosted by Amy Bishop from @PRSANewPros and Vice President of Public Relations, Lauren Rosenbaum, from @PRSSANational.

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And everyone, a HUGE welcome to the @PRSANewPros as our co-host tonight! Follow their tweets as well! #PRSSAPRSSA
Q1 How does your Chapter connect with PRSA & @PRSANewPros to help members learn more about the profession?  #PRSSAPRSSA
A1: Even from our first pitch to freshman classes, we communicate the benefit of PRSA & how easy it is to join when you graduate. #PRSSAPRSSA-SE
A1: Our wonderful officers invite local professionals to speak on issues in the field at our biweekly meetings. #prssaSteele Gamble
We love having @PRSADE members involved in our events. We’re holding a Resume Speed Dating event with them in 2 weeks! #PRSSAChelsey Rodowicz
Meetings? Events? Twitter chats? Tell us about your favorite involvements with PRSA. #PRSSAPRSA New Pros
Events are the greatest benefit for our #PRSSA students to meet pros and get a feel for the industry.  #PRSSAAllye Foster
THIS! RT @PRSANewPros: In addition to speakers, PRSA professionals can be great for informational interviews & mentoring. #PRSSA #prssaNick Lucido
A2: Another great thing: when you move, you can join the local #PRSA Chapter and automatically make connections! #PRSSALauren K. Gray
A2: I love how willing to help ALL PRSA members are. I’ve contacted many "strangers" and they were all so helpful! #PRSSAChris Bonelli
Q2: The opportunity for #PRSSA members to attend #PRSA luncheons/meetings.Olivia Adams
Q3 PRSA members receive numerous benefits. Which benefits are you most excited about? goo.gl/L9N2m #PRSSAPRSSA
A3: Career opportunities, networking mixers and community-engaging events. #prssaFrancisco J. Tobon
Sections, Chapters, Districts & National! With PRSA there’s a place for everyone to lead. #PRSSAPRSA New Pros
A3 the #PRSA benefits that I am most excited about are the free webinars and leadership/volunteer opportunities. #PRSSA @PRSSANationalErica Zazo
A3: Oh for sure discounts and being able to attend the PRSA International Conference. The conferences are beneficial beyond words #PRSSAKathryn Weast
Q4: What about entering the PR profession are you most looking forward to? #PRSSAPRSA New Pros
A4: Being able to take my knowledge/skills and apply them in the workplace; also to learn from pioneers in the industry. #PRSSABen Heyman
A4: I can’t wait to share my passion for #PR with like minded professionals. #PRSSAOlivia Adams
A4: I’m looking forward to the variety of challenges and the constant opportunity for self-improvement. #prssaSteele Gamble
A4: Getting a salary and vacation time. If any professional tells you something else, they’re bluffing 🙂  #prssaNick Lucido
Q5 What can @PRSANewPros and PRSSA do to help make your transition from student to professional easier? #PRSSA #PRSSAPRSSA
A5: Continue to grow and build the programs you have in place now that already help us develop into strong and competitive leaders. #PRSSAAaron Krish
A5 A panel presentation of recent @PRSANewPros would be a great way to share advice and experiences with our members. #PRSSAMarist PRSSA
A5: See this being a recurring answer: Making connections with professionals in your area! Internship/Job opp 1st year helps too!! #PRSSATheodore Purdy
Q6: In addition to joining PRSA, what can New Pros do to successfully start their careers? #PRSSAPRSA New Pros
A6 Stay connected. Be professional. Use ethics. Follow #PRSSA & #PRSA standards @MSUPRSSA @PRSSANational @PRSANewProsErica Zazo
A6: Work really hard. Build trust within your organization. Work harder. Have a great attitude. Repeat. #prssaNick Lucido
Q7 If you’re graduating: What is your best advice for underclassmen? If you’re not: what is your best advice for graduates? #PRSSA #PRSSAPRSSA
A7 For grads: don’t forget where you came from. Remember what it’s like to be a student who might need help.  #prssaPamela Chinawah
My advice for grads: Have faith in yourself. Target those doubts and do whatever it takes to erase ’em. Easier said than done though. #prssaChristian Williams
A7: Graduating as well. Advice #2: don’t be afraid of pros – they are willing and even happy to help!  #PRSSAAllye Foster
A7: For undergrads: Get involved w/ #PRSA and #PRSSA early and if you can, intern in your sophomore or junior year! #PRSSAJessica N. Vasquez
You can learn more about the PRSA New Professionals Section at newpros.prsa.org. #PRSSAPRSA New Pros
Join PRSA as an Associate Member and receive FREE New Professionals Section membership with promo code AM13 buff.ly/14NLPTS #PRSSAPRSSA


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