Strengthening the Relationship Between Chapter and Firm

Though you may not realize it, PRSSA Chapters and student-run firms often have similar goals. Both groups want to connect with students and help prepare them for life after graduation. Strengthening the relationship between these two groups will benefit both parties, as well as the students you wish to motivate.

Here are some ways to improve that relationship:

Recruit together and for each other
Most students who benefit from one organization will benefit from the other. Share a table at your student organization fair, have your student-run firm director and Chapter president visit the same classes together and encourage members to talk about both opportunities. Tag-team your recruitment tactics. Your peers will see the value of both organizations if you see the value in both organizations.

Use each other’s resources
Did you have an amazing speaker last year for a PRSSA meeting? That speaker may know a client who could use your student-run firm’s services. Does your firm represent a company with a HR department? An HR professional could give job hunting advice to Chapter members. Tap into each other’s networks to expand the possibilities for both organizations.

Team up for socials, awards banquets and special events
Have fun together! You will not have to plan two different events, plus you get to mingle more. For students not in both organizations, forming dynamic friendships could just be the incentive to get them a little more involved.

Invite leaders to sit in on each other’s executive board meetings
We all know how important internal communication can be. Without clear communication between your executive board and your leader, it may be impossible to follow the above tips. Invite your firm director to sit in on PRSSA executive board meetings, and vice versa. This will allow you to collaborate, plan similar meetings, overlap events and learn from each other.

No matter how advanced your Chapter and student-run firm are, connecting and uniting for similar goals will allow growth and success for both parties.


What makes the relationship between your firm and Chapter strong? Help us expand this list.


Reganie Smith-Love is a senior at California State University, Fresno. She currently serves as the executive director of Fresno State’s student-run firm, TALK Strategic Promotion Solutions, and the director of public relations for the Paul D. Adams Chapter of PRSSA. You can follow her on Twitter @rsmithlove.

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