How To Build Leaders Through Community Service

In the business world, we call community service social responsibility. However, it is much more than that — it is building leadership.

Our field requires us to be strong communicators and advocates for the public good. We are often the influencers and changemakers in our society.

Leaders of the Brigham Young University Chapter.

PRSSA Chapters all over the nation are building leaders in their communities.

For example, the Rulon L. Bradley PRSSA Chapter at Brigham Young University recently partnered with a local nonprofit to help at-risk youth develop professional skills. This collaboration with Teens ACT empowers under-resourced students to obtain a postsecondary education.

While these PRSSA members trained high school students in skills like public speaking and persuasive writing, they also assisted in creating future leaders of their community.

If you want to involve your Chapter with similar outreach effort, reach out to a local nonprofit organization in your community or seek national organizations, such as Upward Bound, that tutors teens in various academic subjects.

Six Ways to Build Leaders in High Schools

1. Contact the organization you want to work with.

2. Identify the greatest needs for the teens in your area (e.g. public speaking, writing, etc).

3. Find faculty members and professionals that can help you develop lesson plans.

4. Create activities that provoke participation and group work.

5. Practice your workshops with your peers and refine your lesson plans before you teach.

6. Teach and evaluate.

Many other Chapters nationwide are also giving back to their communities as part of PRSA’s new initiative, the PRServing America™ Program.

This initiative rewards professional and student Chapters who engage their community through service in areas such as:

• Charity/Pro Bono Work

• Awareness Campaigns

• Public Health Campaigns

• Environmental & Sustainability Campaigns

Help your Chapter make a difference and get involved in the PRServing America Award Program.

How does your Chapter get invoved in the local community? What service projects have you participated in?

Michelle Rubio is the vice president of community relations at Brigham Young University Chapter. She is a senior with a passion for education. She aims to work abroad where she can immerse in different cultures and languages.

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