National Assembly: Take Part in Deciding Next Year’s Leadership

PRSSA provides many opportunities for members to travel around the United States to meet other members and build a network. With the season of Regional Activities upon us, many Chapters have sent invitations, launched facebook group and event sites and more. Another opportunity, and the second yearly PRSSA national event, is the PRSSA 2008 National Assembly.

This national gathering, though usually smaller than National Conference, is just as important. At National Assembly, thewords leadership, vision, opportunity and G.E.A.R.S. are used for calls for action. At National Assembly, Chapter leaders and delegates go to workshops, share spirited conversation about leading a Chapter, improving motivation skills, and leaving behind a legacy. At National Assembly, the PRSSA National Committee, the group that serves the Society by feeding of the energy of member around nation, are chosen.

And this year it’s in San Diego. You can’t beat that.

National Assembly is one of the most refreshing, motivating, eye-opening and exciting events I have had the honor of experiencing. The friendships, memories and ideas one receives is truly priceless. And it is so much fun.

Be prepared to meet the future leaders of PRSSA at National Assembly. These people live and breathe PRSSA.

All National Assembly attendees should be pumped for the Day of Competition and the roundtable and leadership discussions. The networking opportunities there are amazing. This is where you can bounce and catch ideas to improve your Chapters.

What are you all excited for National Assembly? San Diego? For those that have went to National Assembly before, what are your fondest memories?

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