Public Relations: More Questions than Answers

We all know that in order for many organizations to succeed, they need some kind of public relations function. With new tools and ideas floating around and increased scrutiny on the public relations industry, its crucial that we can display our thoughts about what public relations can do.

For example, one of the most discussed debates is how and why public relations could be in the C-Suite. Some organizations have added the Chief Marketing Officer, and Chief Communications Officer, but still others do not see the importance.

Also, there have been many studies and white papers about the emphasis- or lack thereof- on new and social media. Some outlets believe there should be devoted attention to it, while there is a party of thinkers whom believe that this is just a fad, or that this new and social media only represents a small percentage of their desired audiences.

And finally, the rise of advocacy has been an interesting situation to watch. Who should be the advocates of the practice? Why should it be important? What topics should be covered and when should the voice step in? All are very important questions without easy answers.

But now the fun part: What do you think?

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