<strong>Reaching For the Stars: A Look into PR Relationships with Celebrities </strong>

Reaching For the Stars: A Look into PR Relationships with Celebrities 

Hosted by “Celebrity Whisperer” Rita Tateel, the PRSSA 2022 ICON session “Reaching For the Stars” focused on how public relations professionals maintain healthy relationships with high profile celebrities. This session broke down the key factors necessary to properly market celebrities and build clients’ trust.  Tateel serves as the founder and president of The Celebrity Source, an organization that has been […]

Benefits of a Multidisciplinary Approach to Public Relations

Despite tendencies to differentiate skills and specialties in disciplines like liberal arts and sciences from skills in public relations, these disciplines are all connected. Communications professionals can, and should, borrow from these disciplines to achieve the most reach, impact and viability of their communications strategies and tactics. Borrowing a multidisciplinary approach from the field of public interest communications, public relations […]