“Be confident, my Asian friends.” A Commentary on Asian Representation in PR

“Be confident, my Asian friends.” A Commentary on Asian Representation in PR

As I reflect on Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, I want to introduce you to another way to think about the #StopAsianHate conversation. I was born in Xi’an, China. Every time I saw a foreigner on the street who looked very different from me, I was genuinely curious about that person’s life story, language, experience and what brought […]

Same Language, Different Strategies: What It’s Like to Work in the UK

Graduate programs for international public relations are few and far between and while I’m not an expert when it comes to international public relations (or an expert when it comes to graduate school…), I’ve discovered that programs are rare because international communications is a skillset that is only perfected by experience. As a recent public relations graduate with a desire […]

Public Relations In a Global Perspective [National Conference]

Editor’s Note: The PRSSA 2011 National Conference is in Orlando from October 14-18. To follow the events live, use the Twitter hashtag #PRSSANC. All National Conference posts can be found here. “Any international experience is better than no international experience.” – Craig Dezern Craig Dezern, vice president of global public relations for Disney Destinations, presented a keynote address at the […]

Experience and Lessons Learned in Private Health Care Group’s Corporate Communication Department

The idea of seeking an international public relations internship seems more appealing with the continued challenges of our domestic job market. However, it is difficult for recent graduates to land positions overseas due to the paperwork and costs involved in sponsoring foreign employees. Graduates might not understand local cultures and markets either. I secured and completed an internship in Singapore […]