District Conference Preview: The PoweR of Sports Media (University of South Carolina 2024)

The University of South Carolina’s PRSSA Chapter is incredibly excited to host the 2024 Southeast District Conference: The PoweR of Sports Media. The conference takes place in person on Feb. 16-17, 2024.

The city of Columbia is united through university athletics. Students and Columbia natives all share one thing: a passion for supporting the Gamecocks. Athletic events allow people across many cultures to share in the community that sports create. The PoweR of Sports Media District Conference aims to unite students in their love for public relations while they learn from some of the best communicators in the industry.

Our conference begins with a networking session on Friday evening at the School of Journalism and Mass Communications that will allow students to connect with their peers and PR professionals, followed by our opening keynote speakers. Saturday will consist of six sessions aimed to provide attendees with various perspectives on working in sports public relations. The sessions range from discussions like navigating the industry after college to exploring how equity and inclusion are approached in the sports industry. Additionally, lunch and coffee will be provided. At the conclusion of our event, attendees are encouraged to attend the Gamecock Men’s Basketball Game to enjoy new company while seeing firsthand the concepts they just learned.

Personally, I am very eager to learn from our Equity and Inclusion in the Sports Industry Panel to gain insight into how this industry handles issues that are applicable across all facets of public relations. All of the speakers are passionate about what they do, and I know that what I learn will be relevant to different areas of public relations as well.

PRSSA has invigorated my passion for public relations. Each conference that I’ve attended allowed me to further engage with industry trends and best practices. The connections that I make at conferences have led me to a group of supportive mentors who have helped me further my development. 

The USC PRSSA District Conference team is proud to host our third consecutive District Conference this year and is excited to build off of last year’s success to create an event that will be memorable for all. The PoweR of Sports Media is an opportunity for students to learn about the intricacies of sports communications in the heart of the SEC. Attendees will learn from incredibly successful public relations practitioners, and connect with other students and speakers. To get the most out of the conference, attendees should come prepared with links to their portfolios and questions for our speakers.

For more information, please visit our website and be sure to follow UofSC PRSSA on Instagram and LinkedIn.

Alicia Caracciolo is currently a sophomore at the University of South Carolina studying public relations with minors in business administration and sports management. She serves as vice president of programming for USC’s PRSSA Chapter and the conference coordinator for the 2024 Southeast District Conference. 

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