2023 Leadership Assembly: Shaping the Future of PR Leadership

Back in April, PRSSA held its annual Leadership Assembly, at the Embassy Suites in Scottsdale, Ariz. During the event, PRSSA leaders from all over the country gathered to network with peers, learn from PR industry leaders and participate in the voting process for the PRSSA 2023-2024 National Committee. 

The opening night of the Leadership Assembly engaged students in a resume critiquing workshop and opening reception with food, music and introductions. Throughout the event, students were given many opportunities to connect with their peers and discuss what is happening in their Chapters, including a session for peer-to-peer advice for small, medium and large Chapters 

Attendees could participate in various sessions and workshops focused on developing leadership skills, mapping out their career, and gaining insights from experienced professionals. A few examples of the workshops and sessions offered include “Mentoring Moments” with Ray Day, “Hustle Your Life & Career Like a Brand Entrepreneur” and Leadership Training Sessions.

Rochelle Ford, Ph.D, APR, and Rosanna M. Fiske, APR, Fellow PRSA, were the two keynote speakers of the weekend-long event. During their keynote sessions, students were taken through a journey of public relations evolution and learned how to strengthen their leadership through communications. 

During this year’s assembly, Chapter Delegates also participated in the voting for the PRSSA 2023-2024 National Committee. This committee oversees the Society’s operations and sets its strategic direction. 

Chapter Delegates also had the opportunity to vote on  changes to the committee, such as bylaws. A total of 12 candidates ran for National President and vice president offices. This year we welcomed former National Vice President of Chapter Development Sankalp Sharma, as the PRSSA 2023-2024 National President. 

One of the topics, emphasized during the event, was the importance of taking care of one’s mental health. As leaders, it is vital to support and encourage mental health in the workplace. To show their support, all attendees took part in a walk that aimed to raise awareness for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. The walk educated attendees on the significance of speaking up about their mental health.

Overall, the PRSSA Leadership Assembly is an important event for developing the next generation of leaders in the public relations industry. Consider attending a Conference or Leadership Assembly in the future to gain the skills, knowledge, and connections needed to succeed in your career and make meaningful contributions to the field. 

Caroline is a skilled professional in public relations and communications, graduated from North Carolina Central University. She is currently interning with G&S Business Communications in Raleigh, where she is gaining knowledge about email and social media marketing best practices. Caroline is using her TikTok platform to exhibit her attendance at various conferences and events related to the industry, which have helped her develop her skills and understanding for growth in the field of public relations. After completing her internship, she intends to become a well-rounded marketer in corporate communications. You can connect with Caroline on LinkedIn.

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