Taylor Swift’s Hidden Message- a Smart Marketing Move

On February 11, Taylor Swift announced “Fearless” would be the first rerecorded album to be released, and “Love Story” is going to be the first single. When she announced this in an Instagram post, she posted a message that says how the original album, released in 2008, doesn’t tell her whole story, and she is excited to do that in the rerecorded version called “Taylor’s Version.”

In this message, there were certain letters that were capitalized in the middle of words. At first glance, it looks like it could be a typo; that’s what I thought at least. When investigating even further, I noticed there was a hidden message in Taylor’s message. All of the letters in capital letters spelled “APRIL NINTH.”

This message was a great public relations move from Taylor’s marketing team. It was very subtle but bold enough for some fans to figure it out and realize that she was announcing her album release.

This was a very smart move for Taylor’s marketing team. It left fans guessing and theorizing that the first “Taylor’s Version” album will be coming out on April 9. This also had people talking about her album. Both “APRIL NINTH” and “Fearless” were in the top trending on Twitter all day on February 11, and it will likely be this way until the release day is confirmed. People everywhere are now talking about Taylor’s rerecorded album thanks to the subtle hint by her marketing team.

Putting subtle hints into publicity posts like this is a very smart thing to do in a marketing or public relations campaign, especially in the entertainment industry. Dropping hints that are so subtle that it could be hard to point out is very smart, especially if some fans don’t pick up on it while some do. The fans that do pick up on it will start talking about it and spread it to the fans who didn’t get it the first tome, and this information will keep spreading to the general public. So many people were talking about it over social media, and this will most likely make her album launch on April 9 a bigger event than originally anticipated.

Christina Billie

Christina Billie is a junior public relations major at Temple University. She serves as her Chapter’s vice president and is also an account associate for PRowl Public Relations, Temple’s student-run public relations firm. She is currently interning at Breslow Partners, where she serves as a public relations intern. 

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