Outfits That Can Help Nail an Interview

First impressions can be a key component to whether you get a job or not. You may have worked a retail job or in food service when you were in high school. Those interviews may not have been as demanding. But for college students, the interviews you are doing now may very well lead to a life-long career. That is why the first impression you make at your next interview is vital. Now, you may be stressing about what kinds of questions they will ask and how you will answer them. Or maybe you are making a list of all of your strengths. However, the first thing a person looks at when they meet someone new is their outward appearance. That is why I have put together two outfits (for women, sorry fellas but I unfortunately do not own any male clothing) that will make you look professional and ready to take on any job.

1. The Girly but Professional Look

Photo by Jordan Dombrowski

This outfit is one of my personal favorites. It’s professional yet it still shows your feminine side while also showing a bit of your personality.  It starts with a basic dress. You don’t want to go towards very vibrant colors or patterns as it might look like you are trying to show off. A simple floral pattern or a solid color can look just as classy and feminine. Pair that with a cardigan or blazer and you will look like you’re ready to get down to business. Lastly, wear a nice pair of pumps, wedges or even flats if you aren’t a huge fan of heels. You can even include some jewelry, like a nice pair of earrings or a necklace, just don’t go overboard. You still want to look professional. This outfit will show your employers your personality while also showing your professional side.

2. The Classic Pantsuit

Photo by Jordan Dombrowski

This next outfit is a feminine twist on the classic pantsuit. In the business world, especially in public relations, women have a bit more freedom with the way they dress. But you still want to look like a professional in the workplace. So, start with some basic dress pants, possibly black or tan, whichever color you feel best in. Then pair it with a dressy blouse. I chose a pastel pink color, my absolute favorite. It shows my girly side while also making me look like I’m ready for a day at the office. Pair this with some nice heels and maybe a blazer or jacket if you live in colder regions. Now with this outfit, you want to keep the jewelry minimal. Too much can draw the attention away from the outfit itself. This is the perfect wardrobe option if you prefer something a little less girly than a dress or skirt. Plus, you can mix and match with many different options.

All in all, you can really go many different directions with your wardrobe choice for an interview. It all depends on your personality and the specific job you are interviewing for. Wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident, because that confidence will definitely show to your employers.

Emily Thomas is a junior Journalism and Mass Communications major at Samford University. She has a concentration in Public Relations and hopes to work for a fashion company one day. She has written for The Crimson, her school’s newspaper, and won two academic awards for her proficiency in foreign languages. Contact Emily through her twitter @emilythomasIM5

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