How to Wow Your Supervisor as an Intern 

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You landed an internship. You want your superiors to see your potential even when you may not love every moment in the workplace. Here is how you can wow your supervisor through your time at the organization and gain better knowledge in your role.

  1. Watch and learn – Be sure to ask questions. Ask for clarification when given a task if you’re stuck on how to do something correctly. Do not be afraid to ask for help, either. Chances are you’re not going to know how to do everything that is assigned to you. Your supervisor will be happy to show you how to do something, so observe them. However, learn from the mistakes you do make. Give yourself some grace, because your supervisor is most likely giving you grace too. Just be sure not to make the same mistake twice.
  2.  Optimism and organization – Some tasks that are given to you may seem meaningless, but there is a reason behind all you do, so be positive. No matter what project you are assigned to, it only makes your internship more bearable. Keep track of the tasks you complete. Doesn’t it feel so good to check something off a checklist? This is the same idea. Plus, writing down your completed tasks gives you a record of blogs or press releases you wrote. Create timelines for yourself and create a system that best keeps you focused. This will keep you on task.
  3. Work more without being asked – You should continuously be working when clocked in. When all of the tasks assigned to you for the day are complete and there is still time to be utilized, ask for new jobs or take on a project on your own initiative.

These are just a few tips to make the most of your internship. Your supervisor wants to be impressed with your initiative and hard work. All you have to do is take action.

SK Farmer is a junior at Samford University majoring in journalism and mass communications with a concentration in public relations. She is minoring in sociology.

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