Roll With Your Reputation [National Conference 2018 Session Recap]

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Session: Roll With Your Reputation: Sports PR

Presenter: Andy McGowan, Clinical Instructor, Georgia State University

Recap: The media world is ever changing. Nowadays everyone is a reporter and everything is on the record. Presenter Andy McGowan emphasized this concept throughout his presentation. To start, he asked what reputation is. There are two parts of reputation: the rational part (products and services) and the emotional side (behavioral factors). He added that poise, confidence and appearance is the key to being successful. That includes how you look when you walk in the room, what you say in person and on social media. After this, you must know the industry. Make sure that the writers in the field that you cover know you and you know them. Recognize the key people, read their materials, follow their content and know their competitors.

In the sports world, the person who they are representing is the brand. Companies, sponsors and leagues buy the person’s brand. McGowan then gave the audience scenarios on key athletes and asked if what they have been doing in the media lately has changed our opinions of them. The first athlete was LeBron James. The majority of people said that he is a positive brand and the programs that he put on like the I Promise School has made his brand better. Next was Tiger Woods; people agreed that he was a bad brand although he just won a major golf tournament. Serena Williams was mentioned and people agreed her brand is positive and continues to be positive even after the altercation with the line judge. Lastly was Colin Kaepernick, this one got mixed reviews but students voiced their support for the message behind his brand.


  • Reputation is big
  • Everything is on the record
  • A person is a brand
  • Learn the industry


Filasha Finley is a senior public relations major and a professional writing and emerging media student at Ball State University. Follow her@Filashaaaaon Twitter or on LinkedIn.


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