The Story Behind Art of PR

From the very beginning, we wanted the focus of this conference to be the idea of diversity. Whether it be the diversity of the industry, all the possible branches Public Relations has to offer or the diversity of professionals in the field, we wanted this conference to showcase the many colors that make up this inclusive profession. We made sure that the conference’s program, speakers, social events and sponsoring companies all reflected the message Art of PR was trying to convey to its attendees. We believe that it is very important, now more than ever, to emphasize the importance of diversity in our industry by featuring sessions like Celebrating Black Public Relations and so many more like it.

When it came to our logo, we wanted something that would reflect the hosting city of Austin but most importantly, the message behind our conference. The logo is made up of several different murals that are displayed around the city, all made from different artists with different backgrounds. Despite the different styles and colors, once put together, it makes the amazing logo we have for this National Conference.

It took a while to get to the logo we know now but we feel like this logo really helps this conference be memorable, remind attendees of the amazing city where the PRSSA 2018 National Conference was hosted and help preserve the lifetime memories that were made.

The logo was made by Texas State University alumni, Paula Valdez, who is also responsible for a lot of the promotional and branded items for the National Conference.

We hope you feel the spirit of diversity throughout this entire experience and that every time you look at the Art of PR logo, you remember the amazing experience you had and the lifelong friendships you made.

See y’all in October!

Alejandro Garcia is a senior at Texas State University, double majoring in public relations and fashion merchandising, anticipating graduation in 2019. He has been a part of his PRSSA Chapter since 2016 and has held the position of Chapter treasurer and currently holds the position of vice president. Garcia’s experiences include volunteering for San Antonio, Austin and Dallas Fashion Week, planning and implementing a color run fundraiser for non-profit PILLAR, styling and helping organize Texas State University’s semi-annual fashion show and managing the branding and social media presence for the Fashion Merchandising Association at Texas State. Garcia was also a founder of the organization “Building on Legacy”, a university organization that provides emotional support and a sense of camaraderie for senior citizens who are currently residing in the community’s nursing homes.

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