Keep Austin Weird – PRSSA National Conference 2018

 For years, Austin, Texas has often been compared to Silicon Valley in California and has been dubbed Silicon Hills. However, there’s more to Austin than meets the eye. From the outside looking in you see a fast-growing, populated area that has been the result of gentrification over the years. What you don’t see is a small community of artistic, adventurous and open-minded men and women who care for their environment, surroundings and others well-being.

 The official slogan of Austin is “The Live Music Capital of the World,” which refers to the many musicians and live music venues that reside or started in the city. One of the most notable festivals, Austin City Limits, began in 1976. During the conference, you will have the opportunity to visit many different venues and experience Austin City Limits yourself.

 The unofficial slogan adopted by many Austinites is “Keep Austin Weird,” which is used to express the feeling of keeping Austin unique by protecting small, distinctive and local businesses from being overrun by large corporations. You have the chance to view and purchase Austin or Texas themed souvenirs found only in these smaller retail shops, many of which do not have online stores.

 While Texas is well known for having many of the best barbecue restaurants in the United States, Austin is known for housing a nationally-recognized smoked meats scene. A few restaurants that you must visit include Stiles Switch BBQ & Brew, Black’s Barbecue, Freedmen’s and many others. The time you have in Austin may be the one time you taste true pitmaster barbeque.

 This year’s location of National Conference will allow you to experience a culture different than your own and get a true understanding of what it means to be an Austinite. Our city has food, art, music, adventure and more. Come to Conference and experience it for yourself.

Cortney Pickett is a transfer student at Texas State University expecting to graduate in May 2019. She is pursuing a public relations degree with a minor in popular culture. She is a new member of PRSSA and is eager to learn from any and all opportunities that become available, to get a better understanding of the public relations industry. Her other extracurricular activities include being an active member and secretary of the Student Event Planners Association (SEPA) and being a member of the campus newspaper — The University Star — public relations team. Pickett’s experience includes working as a marketing and sales assistant for Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio where she is to help execute all events held on property, from catered company events all the way to cheer competitions. 

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