Personal Branding [PR in Peru; Regional Conference Recap]

Nadia Castro Delgado, Internal Communication Leader

Session: Personal Branding

Presenter: Nadia Castro Delgado, Internal Communication Leader

Recap: In an era where humans enjoy having the same attributes, individual promotion is the ideal technique to show the world your unique and different self. What we want to be (the inside self) in addition to external perception (the outside self) will result in our brand. This self-knowledge is an essential factor to be successful in social and professional relationships; this is what Nadia Castro spoke about in her presentation on personal branding.

It is crucial for us to recognize our talents and what differentiates us from others. This will enable us to make our brand stand out and thus become more attractive to potential employees. “We have to communicate what we do, what we offer and recognize what we have obtained,” emphasized Castro. Also, this is going to help us to create a well-established network of contacts and if we show it conclusively through digital media, it will help us to reach the right people.

In that way, Castro ensures that we have to be very careful with digital media because each platform has different objectives. It is essential to differentiate social networks; there are some for personal use such as Facebook while others like LinkedIn are for professional use. Understanding your audience is critical to developing your personal and professional brand.

“As your personal mark becomes stronger, it will be easier to reach your dreams and goals” explained Castro at the finish of her presentation. Everybody has a personal brand and we have to know how to handle it by relying on ourselves and prioritizing fundamental values. This will make our brand stable and positive to live with our passions.


  • Self-knowledge is vital in developing your brand.
  • Web 2.0 is a great tool to see personal mark developments.
  • Communicate what we do and what we offer.

Francisco Rojas Palma is the current Multimedia Supervisor of the Peruvian Chapter. In addition, is a conductor of “Comunidad PR,” a radio program transmitted by






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