Sticking to the Brand [National Conference Recap]

Courtesy of Shannon Jack, Ohio Northern University

Session: Sticking to the Brand

 Presenter: Jonathan Yohannan, Panera Bread

 Recap: Jonathan Yohannan, director of public relations for Panera Bread, spoke about the specific brand strategies that Panera Bread uses to gain brand loyalty. He focused on an array of case studies and tactics that were used to enhance and exemplify Panera Bread’s specific brand of “Food as it Should Be.” His presentation summed up to deciding what needs to be consistent and deciding what is important to your company, but be willing to grow your brand with the trends.


  • Do right and right will come back to you
  • Stand with your brand and work for a change
  • Don’t market what you don’t have
  • If consumers know what they are getting they will be more loyal
  • Find a balance for you brand


Paige Simpson is the Historian for Utah Valley University’s Chapter of PRSSA. Follow on twitter @paigesimpson5 and Linkedin

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