Four Reasons to Be Thankful for PRSSA

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Each year on the fourth Thursday of November, millions of Americans gather around the table in celebration of Thanksgiving. A common tradition is to go around the table and indicate something that each person is grateful for—family, friends, good health, fortune and the heralding in of an acceptable time to begin blasting Christmas music!

During the past couple of weeks, the BYU Chapter held several events and while participating, I was reminded of the many benefits of being a involved with PRSSA. We are members of a worldwide Society whose mission is founded on helping us get where we want to go with our careers. I can’t help but feel immense gratitude for PRSSA.

Imagine for a minute that we are seated around the same table and let me share with you four reasons why I am thankful for PRSSA.

Networking opportunities.

I have been a member of PRSSA throughout my entire college experience and I can confidently say that I have made hundreds of connections (many of those close friends) through my PRSSA network. Between meeting at events like PRSSA National Conference or connecting during Twitter chats, these relationships will benefit me through my career. The connections I have made are not only with students but many professionals who have helped shape my career path.


The structure of PRSSA allows us to attend numerous events every year with PRSSA. We have National Conference and Assembly, Regional Conferences and local Chapter events to keep us busy. At the events we learn from professionals and get hands on experience that goes beyond most classrooms. My resume is regularly built through these events.

Scholarships and grants.

This doesn’t need much explanation but the reality is the PRSA Foundation offers thousands of dollars in scholarships and grants for students every year. These offer opportunities to dozens of students to continue to pursue their education and develop their abilities. We are all grateful for any of the help that we have received to get us by during these years in school.

Resources (MyPRSA.)

Through the MyPRSA portal, we have access to a ton of resources and services that will assist us in our growth. Internship and Job Center present us with lists of work experience opportunities available. Daily email updates like Issues and Trends keeps us updated on relevant events worldwide. We all also benefit from publications like FORUM and Progressions, which help us develop writing skills and learn from our peers in the process.

Whatever it is that you’re thankful for this week, make sure you express it to those you care about. For now, it’s time to kick back, grab some turkey and turn up that Mariah Carey song you’ve been waiting far too long to listen to (you know which one I’m referring to.

Colin Wylie is a junior at Brigham Young University. He is majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Nonprofit Management. He plans to enter a career in corporate social responsibly with the goal to change the world. You can connect with him on Twitter and Instagram @thatwylieguy91

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