The Importance of Diversity in the Workplace

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Diversity is a word that immediately stirs up an abundance of thoughts when mentioned – especially in today’s society. While there are many wavering thoughts about diversity, it is both important and inevitable in the workplace. Diversity is what sets everything apart. The key to mastering diversity is to embrace it. You are different from any individual and in the same context, all workplaces are different from other workplaces.

Diversity has been present in our society since the dawn of time. Although it is often associated with race and culture, there is so much more to the term. Diversity also includes the difference in thoughts, ideas, interests and motives. Diversity has always been around because there has always been collaboration between different people. This allowed ancient civilizations to learn from one another and build off of what those ideas.

So how does diversity present itself in the workplace? Naturally. Each individual that works in a company is unique and different. Whether in a large firm or a small office filled with only six employees, every individual worker has their own talents that they bring to the table. The way they do things individually is what makes the bigger picture different. Each individual has a different motive for why they get up and strive to do well in the workplace every day. When they are collaborating at work, every person is bringing new ideas and new thoughts to the table.

So why is diversity important in the workplace? Seeing how diversity is inevitable in the workplace, it has become a huge part of every work environment. The differences between employees of the workplace allow for the work to be unique and creative. This is important because each workplace is constantly competing with another. There is always a competitor. When diversity is present, the company will be able to stand out against their competitors. This will provide the opportunity to reach to further clientele, drive profits and be recognized for this diversity.

Laurie Eve Vazquez is a senior at Indiana University Northwest majoring in communications and minoring in philosophy and history. She is apart of Phi Theta Kappa and the National Society of Leadership and Success. She is also IU Northwest’s Intern Queen Campus Ambassador.

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