Benefits of Attending PRSSA/PRSA Events

There are many reasons students should join PRSSA — enhance your education, broaden your network and launch your career. The constructive work one does during these formative college years will go a long way in paving the way to success post-graduation. One way a public relations student can aid this success is by attending PRSSA and PRSA events. Here are just a few benefits of attending these events.


Participating in PRSSA and PRSA events can be very fulfilling, partially because it allows students to continue to learn outside of the classroom.  Students and professionals can learn how large scale events are organized, discuss professional development tricks and talk about industry news. These skills and conversations can help prepare young professionals for the next steps in their careers.


Attending or volunteering at events provides ample opportunities to meet new people. These new contacts may lead to a mentor, an internship, a career or more professional friends! Remember, you can never have too many professional contacts!


Volunteering for PRSSA or PRSA events allows members to add to their resumes. Having more professional experiences on your resume is never a bad thing and PRSSA/PRSA events are always a good option! Reach out to your Chapter or sponsor Chapter now and start getting involved!

Career Opportunities.

This experience may also be included on one’s resume. Such an entry can enhance one’s image as a viable candidate for any job or position being applied for. Having experience and skills learned at PRSSA events open doors for more career opportunities!


Medgeen “Medge” Ross is a graduate student at the New York Institute of Technology, earning a master’s in Communication Art. She currently serves on the PRSA-NY Chapter membership committee as a visual content developer. Follow her on Twitter or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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